GoodSex LLC. is a multi-media entertainment company registered and trademarked in the state of Illinois. The name is derived from the idea that good is the only thing in this world that connects us all together and GoodSex is one of the few things that all people, despite creed, culture, race or sexual orientation, can agree on. The owner, started the brand in 2006 as a music producer and DJ, however, it quickly evolved to include a clothing brand, music blog, event planning, marketing and promotion. The company has a full office space and storefront located centrally in River West. GoodSex LLC. currently has four part time employees and a team of college interns that help manage this multi-faceted brand. While most events are based in Chicago’s Downtown area, GoodSex, has been booked and has organized events at every major college in the Midwest and across the U.S. in many major cities. The company also runs the booking, management and marketing for two weekly parties and one monthly event. All of which have continued to grow since their creation. GoodSex LLC. has also produced and sold close to 2,000 snap back style hats in over 10 different styles, as well as hundreds of winter beanies and has just released a new Sports Bra line this Fall. On the music side of the business, GoodSex, has produced two original tracks in the last four months, one was released on a label and accumulated 80k plays in the first 2 weeks, the second track, which featured original vocals, was released independently and is up to 25k plays currently. Future goals for the company are to further the brand’s national visibility while gaining support from select fashion and music tastemakers, continue product line growth with four new clothing items in production ready for marketing and sale this Fall, Winter and Spring & finally increase the quality and quantity of events booked as new music productions are released, increasing the notoriety of the brand.