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  • [GOODSEX TIPS] R34L Covers Stranger Things Theme in Live Video Just in Time for Halloween October 27, 2016
    R34L has delivered a frighteningly groovy live cover of the theme song from the ever popular retro-horror mini-series, Stranger Things, which was released on Netflix this past summer. Stranger Things itself is amazing, I highly suggest checking it out. The story is a very predictable yet wildly intriguing tale of 4 boys journey to a parallel dimension. […]
  • [GOODSEX TIPS] Egzod & Sinego Bring Tribal to the Deep End in New Track Release October 7, 2016
    Rising producers Egzod & Sinego released a new original track Free yesterday featuring vocals from the ever talented Adara. The track combines a Phuture Tribal vibe with a EDM style Deep House bass line drop. The pair compliments each aspect nicely and Adara’s clean vocal line is the rug that really ties the room together. […]
  • [GOODSEX TIPS] Free World Sepia Brings Dem Feels Back in New Draper Remix October 6, 2016
    Every once a while a track finds its way to your heart in a way you would have never expected. It falls in your lap and throws the entire moment for a loop, changing perspectives and raising self awareness. The track will make you laugh, cry and feel. It will make you feel those feelings that […]
  • [GOODSEX TIPS] NU LUC’s Live Set from Groovement is Gold, Jerry, Gold! October 6, 2016
    -Press Play for Optimal Enjoyment- A few weeks back Chicago House Dj NU LUC played an opening set for Camelphat at Primary Night Club in Chicago, IL for a monthly party I throw called Groovement. The music at the party was a perfect concoction of house and tech and the energy in the room was […]
  • [GOODSEX TIPS] Milk N Cooks Back on the Hype Machine Charts and Ready for Love October 5, 2016
    – HEART this on Hype Machine HERE – If the present moment can be reached, you will feel a rush of peace that will take you over and a wave of serenity that will become a blanket of protection against this busy world of deadlines and opinions. Just take a deep breath and understand that everything […]
  • [GOODSEX TIPS] Porn And Chicken X Animale Create a Dance Floor Serial Killer Together October 3, 2016
    If you have ever been to a Porn And Chicken party you know the musical fire is at full mast erection from open to close. Attendees  never know what they will expect and often times people are picking their jaw off the ground because of the wow factor possessed by the entire production and the talented team involved. […]
  • [GOODSEX TIPS] INZO Changes Perspectives with New Original Track Young Heart feat. Lyon Hart October 3, 2016
    While I am not typically a fan of the happy-go-lucky, EDM banger style this track is in, I truly felt the need to share it because I felt it breaks the mold of what we have been seeing from this genre. INZO has figured out how to really carry my attention throughout the mix while keeping […]

GoodSex one of the most diverse and talented DJs that Chicago has to offer and this 90 minute mix is no exception.

-EDM Chicago

Snatching from the realms of EDM, Hip-Hop, Trap and Funk, GoodSex puts together a mix without boundaries. 

-The Sights and Sounds

He is a man of many talents: owner of GoodSex With Friends, designer of GoodSex Threads, writer for The Sights & Sounds Chicago and he's a very talented DJ/Producer.

-IEG Incorporated

Nothing’s better than GoodSex, especially when it bangs hard like Joes Domingo’s (otherwise known as DJ GoodSex) first original track “Side Ponies & Sweat Pants.”

-The Life Backstage

GoodSex is one of the most popular names in our city's music scene.

-Confetti Jones, IEG

I figured okay, this guy might be a good time with a name like that. Then I heard his mix, and I KNEW it was GoodSex.

-EDM Chicago